Super Absorbent Washable Briefs for Male Dogs

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"Does your pup have accidents due to a medical condition or maybe he's just stubborn, if so then these are the product for you!" These will save you lots of $$$ on training pads and carpet cleaning bills if you have a male dog that has a problem with urinating. Whether it be due to training, behavior, or a medical condition these are great to keep your house clean and pockets full. 

Have one male, one female two dogs in the home, in the heat period, which can effectively prevent harassment. 
Your Male dog is easily inflamed, wear it to prevent bacterial infections and illness, dogs' discharge will not dirty your house. 
A new puppy can wear this belt to help potty train.  

Cover shyness, against harassment. This is a special pair of underwear designed for male dogs. They will prevent dog urine everywhere and protect key parts of their body from rashes and bacteria unlike others on the market. Fabric is super skin-friendly, breathable, and convenient. Dogs who wear them look very cute.

***Please see photos for sizing information***

Material: Polyester/Cotton Blend
Pattern: Solid